Blue Eyes Guitar Chords Yo Yo Honey Singh


Blue Eyes Guitar Chords Yo Yo Honey Singh

Song Name: Blue Eyes (Lyrics)
Artist: Yo Yo Honey Singh
Album: Blue Eyes – Yo Yo Honey Singh
Lyricist: Yo Yo Honey SIngh
Composer: Yo Yo Honey SIngh
Year: 2013

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This is a new super hit song by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Do I call this number a hip-hop or rap, I really don’t know to differentiate. But if you are fan of such music, and if you wish to play this on a guitar, then here are the chords. Also check out Soch by Hardy Sandhu and Ja ni Ja by Garry Sandhu.

Chords you need to know to play this song:

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