Guitar Chords for Best Hindi Songs 2013(Infographic)

Guitar Chords for Best Hindi Songs 2013

We at DesiChords wish you a happy and prosperous new year. We would like to thank all our audience, guitarists and non-guitarists alike.

To commemorate the beginning of new year (2014), we have created a list of Hindi songs-‘Guitar Chords for Best Hindi Songs 2013‘.While preparing the list, we have not given any special consideration to any particular area of music.Simply, the list is prepared randomly and we believe that these songs could make a great addition to your list of songs to play on guitar.We have included some of the songs which were released at the end of the year even though the movies are not released yet.

Click on the images for chords!

Please do let us know if you think we missed out on numbers which deserve to be on this list.

We expect and are sure that the year 2014 will have its share of great Hindi movie songs and we will ensure that we provide you the chords for the same.

Have a great year ahead and keep coming back!

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