Elysium Guitar Chords Bears Den

Elysium Guitar Chords Bears Den

Song Title:Elysium
Artist:Bears Den

Guitar Chords Chart:

[jtab phrase=”G Em Bm C “]

Elysium Guitar Chords Bears Den

Intro: G
(G)Brother do you believe in an (Em)afterlife
Our souls(Bm)’ll both collide
In some great (C)Elysium
Way up in the (G)sky
Free from our shackles, our chains, our (Em)mouths, our brains
We’ll open(Bm) all the gates
We will walk (C)careless, straight into the (G)light
(G)I’ve never felt so (Em)enlightened
Every (Bm)page I turn
I only (C)find myself
Feeling more(G) alone
Posing questions to a silent (Em)universe
My very (Bm)thoughts are cursed
They just seem to(C) multiply
Forever in my (Am)mind

(Am)Brother don’t grow up(D)
(Am)Brother please never grow (C)up

(Bm)Just hold (C)out against the (G)night
(Bm)and guard your (C)hope with your (G)life
(Am)For the darkness, she will (D)come
(Am)Oh and you have nowhere left to (C)run
(G)Oh but your eyes are wider than (G)mine, but they’ll never (D)see??
Just hope that (G)age does not (G)erase all that you’ve (D)seen
(G)Don’t let (G/E)bitterness become(D) you
(G)Your only (G/E)hopes are all within (D)you

(Bm)Just hold (C)out against the (G)night
(Bm)And guard (C)your hope with (G)your life

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