Desperado Guitar Chords Eagles

Desperado Guitar Chords Eagles

Song Name:Desperado
Writers:Henley, Frey

Guitar Chords Chart:

[jtab phrase=”G G7 C Cm Em7 A7 D7 Am7 Bm “]

Desperado Guitar Chords Eagles


Desper(G)ado, (G7)why don’t you (C)come to your (Cm)senses ?
You been (G)out ridin’ (Em7)fences for (A7)so long (D7)now
Oh, you’re a (G)hard one,(G7) I know that (C)you got your (Cm)reasons,
These (G)things that (B7)are (Em7)pleasin’ you can (A7)hurt you (D7)somehow(G)

(D)Don’t you (Em)draw the queen of (Bm)diamonds boy,
She’ll (C)beat you if she’s (G)able,
You know the (Em7)queen of hearts is (C)always your best (G)bet(D)
Now it (Em)seems to me some (Bm)fine things have been (C)laid upon your (G)table
But you (Em)only want the (A7)ones you can’t (Am7)get


(D)Des(D7)per(G)ado,(G7) oh you ain’t (C)gettin’ no you(cm)nger,
Your (G)pain and your (Em7)hunger, they’re (A7)drivin’ you (D7)home
And (G)freedom,(G7) well, that’s just (C)some people ta(Cm)lkin’
Your (G)prison (B7)is wa(Em7)lkin’ through this (A7)world all (D7)alone(G)

(D)Don’t your (Em)feet get cold in the (Bm)winter time ?
The (C)sky won’t snow and (G)the sun won’t shine
It’s (Em7)hard to tell the (C)night time from the (G)day(D)
You’re (Em)losin’ all your (Bm)highs and lows
Ain’t it (C)funny how the (G)feelin’ goes (Am7)away

(D)Des(D7)per(G)ado,(G7) why don’t you (C)come to your (Cm)senses
Come (G)down from(D) your (Em)fences,(A7) open the (D7)gate
It may be (G)rainin'(G7), but there’s a(C) rainbow above(Cm) you
You better (G)let some(B7)body (Em)love you,(C)(G)(Am7)
You better let some(B7)body (Em)love you bef(Am7)ore it’s (D7)too (G)late

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