Doolin-Dalton Guitar Chords Eagles

Doolin-Dalton Guitar Chords Eagles

Song Name: Doolin-Dalton
Artist: Eagles
Writers: Browne, Frey, Henley, J.D. Souther

Guitar Chords Chart:

[jtab phrase=”Em G G7 C A “]

Doolin-Dalton Guitar Chords Eagles

Verse 1:

They were (Em)Doolin, Doolin-(G)Dalton.
High or (Em)low, it’s all the (G)same.(G7)
Easy (C)money, faithless (Em)women,
Red eye (A)whiskey (C)for the (G)pain.

Verse 2:

(Em)Go down Bill Dalton it must(G) be God’s will.
(Em)Two brothers lyin’ dead in (G)Coffeyville(G7).
(C)Two voices call to you from (Em)where they stood.
(A)Lay down your law books now they’re (C)no damn

Verse 3:

Better keep on (Em)movin’, Doolin-(G)Dalton.
‘Til your (Em)shadow’s set you (G)free.(G7)
If you’re (C)fast, if you’re (Em)lucky,
You will (A)never (C)see that hangin’ (G)tree.


Well, the (Em)towns lay out (G)across the dusty
Like (Am)grave yards filled with tombstones,
(Em)waitin’ for the names.
And a (G)man could use his (G7)back or use his
But (Am)some just went stir crazy Lord, ’cause
(D)nothin’ ever changed!

Verse 4:
‘Til Bill (Em)Doolin met Bill (G)Dalton.
He was workin’ (Em)cheap, just bidin’ (G)time.(G7)
Then he (C)laughed, said I’m a (Em)goin’.
So he (A)left that (C)peaceful life be(G)hind.

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