God Is A Woman Guitar Chords Cee Lo Green

God Is A Woman Guitar Chords Cee Lo Green

Song Title:God Is A Woman

Artist:Cee Lo Green

God Is A Woman Guitar Chords Cee Lo Green





God is a woman

                                C#                           Eb

Although this idea’s untraditional


I think God is a woman

Ab                                          C#                           Eb

Making each one of her children original

Fm              Eb  Ab                               Fm                          Ab

I stare at the sky until the stars start to fall

Bbm            Ab     Eb

If there’s a God at all


It’s a woman



I’m just a man

          C#                  Eb

Made up of milestone achievements


In my reclaim


For I am just a man, child

  Ab                        C#

Inspired by things I’ve seen


For things to say

     Fm                                     Eb  Ab

So I kiss the ground I walk on

    Fm                                      Ab

And she’s the air I breathe

Bbm         Ab       Eb

God is a beautiful woman


I believe


Ab  C#   Ab

Oh, God, yeah

Ab      C#

Praise God

Fm          Eb  Ab     Eb Ab Bbm

Mmmm, mmmm, mmm, mmmm


God’s still a woman

Although her human condition’s contradictory

God’s still a woman

She has made everything including history

So exalt her high above you

Beyond the brightest star

She’ll be everywhere you are, are

She’s your mother, oh, mmmm

I’m your brother, oh yeah

Oh-oh-oh-oh, mmmm

3 years ago

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