Painting With Guitar Chords Album Animal Collective Download

Painting With Guitar Chords Album Animal Collective Download

Download songs from the album ‘Painting With’ from Animal Collective.

Guitar Chords and Lyrics – Painting With- Animal Collective:

#1. FloriDada Chords

“[Verse 1]

Child [of limousines]
What’s the best place, [That you have seen]
All of the hands, [That you have shook]
Home of the queen of, [Everything fancy]”

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FloriDada Lyrics

of limousines
What’s the best place
That you have seen
all of the hands
That you have shook”

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#2. Hocus Pocus Chords

Hocus Pocus lyrics:

So many ways
To wade beyond
The lines that border us
Come on
Don’t take a shot

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#3. Vertical Chords

Vertical lyrics:

“Mountains in Kauai
Make me feel so lowly
Cower at their power
Vertical I like” more 

#4. Lying in the Grass Chords

Lying in the Grass lyrics:

“All the pieces where they ought to be
But it’s clear that he don’t look like me

Pick a place around the table talk
Make a push to wake the comatose”

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#5. The Burglars Chords

The Burglars lyrics:

“I could be a hare and I’d sneak into my private rivals dreaming I’m a burglar

Quick as any day in my fleeting little chest of hopefuls lost it to the burglars”

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#6. Natural Selection chords

Natural Selection lyrics:

“It’s best this mess is part of the plan
The truth is moving under the ground

You’re sure the steering wheel
Is resting in your hands”

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#7. Bagels in Kiev Chords

Bagels in Kiev lyrics:

“Grandpop we had sweet days on the beach in Ventnor I remember
Wish we could walk along and you could watch the waves and talk the current Septembers”

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#8. On Delay Chords

On Delay lyrics:

“I hear it doubly clear

There’s a doubled exposure
Just waiting to happen
I’m sitting and fading
Rain tapping together” more 

#9. Spilling Guts Chords

Spilling Guts lyrics:

“Takes some time to waste a guy
Must be mad
OK, a smoldering burn
Must be bad
Cut deep and festering day by day”

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#10. Summing the Wretch Chords

Summing the Wretch lyrics:

“Watch it watch you watching wretch
Plugged into a people patch
Watch as bonds that illustrate
Also start to complicate”

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#11. Golden Gal Chords



Golden Gal on her screen
Some kind of tube she’d never seen
Gift to the girl ready to dream”

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Golden Gal lyrics:

“Golden Gal on her screen
Some kind of tube she’d never seen
Gift to the girl ready to dream
Hope in new forms the elderly be
Spirit is burning to hear it for the girls again” more 

#12. Recycling Chords

Recycling lyrics:

“Don’t care
This ship sails
Or sinks into the meat” more

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