As Time Goes By Guitar Chords Binnie Hale

As Time Goes By Guitar Chords Binnie Hale


 Dmaj7  Bm7  Em7  A Adim7 
No lyrics

[Verse 1]
Adim7 Em7           A      G9              Gm 
You   must remember this a kiss is still a kiss, 
  D              Bmaj7   Bdim  Bm 
a sigh is just a sigh.    
    Em7          Dmaj7   Bm7   G9
The fundamental  things  a  -  pply as 
Gmaj7 A     Dmaj7   Bm7  Em7 A Adim7 
time  goes  by.

[Verse 2]
     Em7             A        G9                 Gm
And  when two lovers woo They still say, "I love you."
   D              Bmaj7  Bdim Bm
On that you can rely.
   Em7             Dmaj7  Bm7   G9
No matter what the fu  -  ture  brings As 
Gmaj7 A     D   Gmaj7 Dmaj7 D7
time  goes  by. 

Gmaj7          Bm         Em7          B 
Moonlight and love songs  Never out of date. 
Em             G         Em           G#dim 
Hearts full of passion,  Jealousy and hate. 
Bm7         D        E 
Woman needs man  And man must have his mate -
     Bm7    E7    A    Adim7
That no one can deny. 

[Verse 3]
     Em7                A7      G9                 Gm
It's still the same old story a fight for love and glory 
  D             Bmaj7   Bdim  Bm 
A case of do or die. 
    Em7                Dmaj7 Bm7  G9 
The world will always  wel - come lovers As 
Gmaj7 A     D   Gmaj7 D 
time  goes  by. 

     D                 Bm              Em7            A7
This day and age we're living in gives cause for apprehension
     Dmaj7            B7          Em7                 A7
With speed the new invention and things like third dimension.
       Em7          Bdim         D  F#7         Bm
Yet we get a trifle weary with Mr.Einstein's theory. 
      F#m7              C#7                 F#m7   Em7       A7
So we must get down to earth at times - relax relieve the tension.
       Em7             A7          D        F#m     Bm
And no matter what the progress or what may yet be proved 
    Em7                                E7          A7     Adim7
The simple facts of life are such they cannot be removed. 
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