Blissing Me Guitar Chords Björk

Blissing Me Guitar Chords Björk

[Verse 1]
D G Bm D
All of my mouth was kissing him
Em A Em Bm A D
Now, into the air, I am missing him
G A G Bm
Is this excess texting a blessing?
Em A G Bm
Two music nerds obsessing

[Verse 2]
D G Bm A
He reminds me of the love in me
Em A Bm
I’m celebrating on a viral sea
G A Bm A Bm
Sending each other MP3s
Em A Bm
Falling in love to a song

[Verse 3]
A Bm A Em Bm
This handsomest of recommend
Em A Bm A
He asked if I could wait for him
Bm D A Em Bm Em A
Now, how many lightyears is interim
D A Em Bm A Bm Em Bm A
While I fall in love with his songs?

[Verse 4]
A Em A
His hands are good in protecting me
Em A Bm A
Touching and carressing me
Bm A
Well, would it be trespassing
D Em G Em Bm D
Wanting him to be blissing me?
A Em Bm Em F#m Bm D F#m D F#m
Probing in and out of his ears

[Verse 5]
Em D G Bm
Lift under like suspension
D Bm
My longing has formed its own skeleton
G Bm D
Bridging the gap between singletons
Bm G D G D
Sending each other’s these songs

[Verse 6]
Bm A Em A Em
The interior of these melodies
Is perhaps where we are meant to be
Bm A Em A Em
Our physical human fantasies
A Em
I just fell in love with his song

G Bm

[Verse 7]
Bm F#m Bm F#m Bm
So, I reserve my own intimacies
F#m G Bm F#m
Abandon ’em all in packages
G F#m Bm F#m
My woe and longing are too visceral
Bm G Bm G Bm F#m
Did I just fall in love with him?

2 years ago

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