Sing Of The Moon Guitar Chords The Collection

Sing Of The Moon Guitar Chords The Collection

[Verse 1]
E           B                             G#m
I'€™ve always been told we hold black holes inside
E            B                            G#m
They know from the start that every star must die
 E            B                            G#m
But it seems too convenient to lose track of time
 Fm          E
Now that you're gone, will my orbit unwind?

E B G#m

[Verse 2]
E                  B                 G#m
What northern wind blew us into the street
E                  B                   G#m
And what fatal one will we all someday meet?
E                 B                   G#m
Swept into a palace with no sign of a king
No court for us jesters, but we like to

B            F#         G#m            E
Sing of the moon as it sometimes get shy
B             F#          G#m           E
Running from lovers through starry-eyed skies
B             F#           G#m             E
Morning comes quick bringing tragic goodbyes
              F#                     E
Nothing ever really dies, right?

[Verse 3]
E           B                            G#m
Someone's lighting candles all over my floor
E           B                            G#m
And placed “holy of holy's” through every door
C#                     E              C#
But who are our doubts said to?
         E               C#                E
Some half of the evening knew, of listening ears long withdrew?

palm muted

B              F#              G#m                E
So we sing of the moon and the face that it hides
B              F#               G#m            E
Shining just half of its truth to our skies
B              F#              G#m             E
But bring me the sun that gives it all its light

I don't want to just wait to die


B F# G#m E
1 year ago

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