Thorns Guitar Chords Pallbearer

Thorns Guitar Chords Pallbearer

The earth-child
G         Em
G          Bm       C Am C C#m
Returning waves of time
     Bm               G        Em
The blood that runs away from here
 G              Bm   Em   C7
Unknown to the ones left behind

              A   Bm G     Bm
These thorns are all I can feel
G            Bm    G    Bm G
Fragmented shards of a god
Bm  G      Bm    G
I leave a memory
F#       G   F#      E
Better left scattered
In another life
      G      Em
The harbinger
     G     Em     C7
An ever-present wound
A       Bm                G      Em
Spills words that flow tomorrow
  G        Em     Bm  C7
A message written in blood

A Bm

Bm G Bm D G
Bm G Bm F#
Bm G
Bm D
F#m G
F#m E
Bm F# Bm

Bm G D A
Em G D Em F#
Bm G A Em G
D Bm F#
Bm F# Bm G
Bm D Em
Bm G Bm D Em Bm

Bm    G Bm
It appeared
F#m    Bm  D Em Bm
As a ghost
           G      Bm  D Em Bm
A whisper out of time

Bm     F# Bm G
Can't walk away
Bm        D   Em
From atonement
Bm       G
Was it worth it all
     Bm      F#m  D       Em        Bm
And can we ever find our way back home
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