Well Get Through Guitar Chords Jen and Kat

Well Get Through Guitar Chords Jen and Kat


Bm G D A

[Verse 1]
              D                                G
Sometimes it feels like it's only a matter of time
            D                                               G
Before the next disaster strikes, hey, well I guess that's life
       D               G
And I know you worry about
What you'll do to keep me safe and dry
           Bm             A
When the water's running high
         D                        Bm     G
And you think that I am going to paddle away
         D                           Bm    A
When so many others you loved have jumped ship
 Bm                 A
Baby, I'm here to stay

Le-et the ground erupt
Le-et the lava spew
Yoo-oou can take my hand
G                A
I will run with you
Le-et the earthquake shake
Know-oh that you can take
Re-efuge in my arms
G             A         D
I know that we'll get through
ooo, ooo, ooo-ooo-ooo
ooo, ooo, ooo-ooo-ooo
ooo, ooo, ooo-ooo-ooo

[Verse 2]
                D                G
I hope you can see you're all I need
And we don't have to fear what we can't control
Bm                   A
Together we have it all
D                           Bm       G
I have your heart and baby you have mine
Whatever life throws at us
Bm             A
We'll be just fine
Bm                A
Put your hand in mine and... (back to chorus)

    Bm                     G
If you go under you don't have to wonder if I
D              A
Ran the other way
            Bm                   G
I'd be the first to dive in, my love is undying
           D                A                       D
Don't be afraid, because together we can take on anything (back to chorus)
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