Christmas Song Guitar Chords Adam Sandler

Christmas Song Guitar Chords Adam Sandler

DM7                   E9
So many presents.     So little time.

DM7            F#9           G9           E9
Santa won?t be coming by my house this year,

(NC)    DM7               F#9           G9          E9
Cause I tried to drown my sister and I pierced my ear.

    DM7         F#9             G9
O Momma made it perfectly clear,

      E9                  DM7   F#9     E9
Santa don?t like bad boys.
Especially Jewish ones!

Verse 2:
DM7                  F#9              G9           E9
Ginopconop(lol?) and Lego blocks are what I desire.

   DM7               F#9                 G9         E9
So why did I have to set the pizza guys hair on fire?

   DM7           F#9             G9     E9              Dm7 F#9 E9
I told him I was sorry?. I?m a liar so no toys for me.

I don?t? deserve them!

  DM7                                  Esus
I couldn?t wait for a Big wheel as the holidays neared,
    F#m          Esus/B           Dsus/A
But then I told Grandma that she had a beard.

(SPEAKING SECTION) (piano plays verse chords)
Dear Santa, I know what my problem is, why can?t I be good-
It?s a fear of intimacy.  You see my whole life when I met
someone really great like you; I feel I keep getting to close
to them.  Something inside me makes me want to screw it up.
So in a weird way, the reason I am so bad is?. because I love you.

Verse 3:
DM7           F#9        G9                E9
Rockum Sockum Robots is what I was hoping for,
    DM7           F#9               G9             E9
And then I made a death threat to Vice-President Gore.
   DM7            F#9             G9
Oh Santa won?t be knocking on my door
       E9              DM7  F#9  E9
He?s a big fat whore
What made me say that?

Verse 4:
DM7                           Esus
Shoots and ladders would be so good indeed,
   F#m                Esus/B          Dsus/E
So why did I have to sell that cop a bag of weed.

     DM7                   Esus
So Santa please give me my easy bake oven,
  F#m              Esus/B           Dsus/A
I swear I thought Billy goats were made for lovin?

   DM7             F#9        G9     E9
So Santa won?t you accept my apology,
 DM7            F#9      G9              E9
Santa can?t you see I?m Begging you please,
   DM7        F#9               G9
Oh Santa next year I?ll do you right?.
          E9                     DM7
Live from New York it?s Saturday Night?
1 year ago

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