Desire Guitar Chords U2

Desire Guitar Chords U2

Intro: D

Verse 1:

Chords for verse 1-C, G, D (G, D)

Yeah, lover I’m off the streets
Gonna go where the bright lights
And the big city meet
With a red guitar, on fire

Verse 2:

She’s the candle
Burning in my room
I’m like the needle
Needle and spoon
Over the counter
With a shotgun
Pretty soon, everybody got one
And the fever when I’m beside her
Desire, Desire

(Burning, Burning)

Verse 3:

She’s the dollars
She’s my protection
She’s the promise
In the year of election
Sister, I can’t let you go
I’m like a preacher
Stealing hearts at a traveling show
For the love or money, money…?

3 years ago

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