Dirty Day Guitar Chords U2

Dirty Day Guitar Chords U2

C              G   A#  F                          C        G  A#  F
 I don't know you         and you don't know the half of it
 C         G             A#  F                        C         G  A# F
 I had a starring role        I was the bad guy who walked out
              C                 G     A#    F
 They say be careful where you aim
                            C          G      A#   F
 Because where you aim you just might hit
          C         G            A#      F
 You can hold onto something so tight
                 C    G    A#   F
 You've already lost it
 C           G      A#   F                         C      G   A#    F 
 Dragging me down         That's not the way it  used to be
 C         G             A#   F
 You can't even remember
          C            G   A#  F
 What I'm trying to forget


 C  G          A#     F
      It was a dirty day
 C  G          A#     F
             A dirty day

Verse 2  

       C            G   A#  F            C      G       A#  F
 You want explanations...     I don't even understand
         C                G   A#  F             C           G  A#  F
If you need someone to blame...       throw a rock in the air
                 C         G    A#   F
and you'll hit someone guilty

         C      G
From father to son
         Am   C   F 
 In one life has begun
    Am                G
 A work that's never done

            C   G  A#  F               
 Father to son          

 C  G  A#  F


 Get it right, there's no blood thicker than ink
 Hear what I say, nothing's simple as you think

 Wake up, some things you can't get around
 I'm in you, more so when they put me in the ground

       C    G     A#        F        C      G        A#     F
4 years ago

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