First Morning Dust Guitar Chords Alice Dee

First Morning Dust Guitar Chords Alice Dee

 Bm                  D
On the First morning  i saw the dust,
F#m                    Bm
only the dust, kept closing my eyes
        D                 F#m
and my hands can’t feel i wanted to heal
         Bm               D
the wounds i made , if i touched
 F#m              Bm
the First morning dust

         Bm                   D
And the life i saw, it was nothing but a dream
 F#m                Bm
only a dream, i cannot depend on
        D                  F#m
and the sounds i’d heard sounds so  strange, but my
Bm                      D
ears won’t hear, i’m a fool
     F#m               Bm
and eyes with morning dust

     D                         A                  Bm
The evening  was soft and the night i used, for dreaming of a time
with you
   D                A                  G        F#m      Bm
I slept so tight, i did’t worrie bout the First morning dust.

                   D             A
And the children were glad i was coming home,
    Bm                           G
we played in the street till the morning dawn
       D                 A                    G               F#m
Then i looked above and i wrote a sign for the one i’ll be just for a
1 year ago

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