HillSong Songs Churh Guitar Chords And Lyrics

Forever chords Hillsong Worship Guitar Chords

Forever chords Hillsong Worship Guitar Chords

Forever by Hillsong

Intro: D – D/F# – G – Bm – A

C Em
I’ll worship at your throne, whisper my own love song
F Am G
With all my heart I’ll sing for You my Dad and King
C Em
I’ll live for all my days, to put a smile on Your face
F Am G
And when we finally meet, it’ll be for eternity

Dm Am G Dm
And oh, how wide You open up Your arms when I need Your love
Am G Bb
And how far You would come if ever I was lost
Am G Bb
You say that all You feel for me is undying love
Dm Em F
That You showed me through the cross

G Bm C
I’ll worship You my God, I’ll worship You my God
Em D
I love You, I love You
G Em C Em D
Forever I will sing, forever I will be with You, be with You

you can use either D/F# or F#m

God Bless us All to God be the Glory

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