Robbery Guitar Chords The White Buffalo

Robbery Guitar Chords The White Buffalo

I'm heading in front door
Bobby in the back
A looking out

Ski masks and .44
Another score
Another silent town

   D                             Am
My heart is going to burst right out chest
     G                        Am
Stay calm, take the money and leave
D                  Am
Get you ass on the floor board
          G                     Am
This is a motherfuckin robbery

The clerk springs up like jack in a box
      D                  Am
Looks like we got a hero again

Bobby clubs him with his .44
        D                  Am
He goes down, the coast is clear

D                        Am
Empty the till, steel a lollipop
         G                  Am
Blow the camera off the wall
D              Am
Burnout in the parking lot
 G                             Am
Laugh and hope the wheels stay on...    HEY!

The clerk rushes out with a shotgun
      D                  Am
Glass floods the backseat

Bobby still laughing like a maniac
      D                Am
We're lightning on the street

   D                    Am
An off-duty cop sees everything
              G            Am
Races to his car, pistol drawn...
D          Am
Radios for back-up
       G                  Am
Buckle up... The chase is on

Bobby's hanging out of the window
      D               Am
Guns blazing hell and steel

The cop returns fire, blows a tire
 D                   Am
Crash, wrap around a tree

D               Am
But I fly from wreckage
         G                 Am
Grab the money, my gun and flee
Bobby charges the fuzz
Like a wrecking ball
     G                    Am
Gets blown clean off his feet

Calling all cars and the cavalry
      D                 Am
Flashlights, hounds and gas
D                      Am
There ain't nowhere to hide son
        D                         Am
You're surrounded, gonna get your ass

  D                           Am
I vanish in the woods like a miracle
  G                    Am
Vamoose, I'm gone, I'm free
D                 Am
Never to be seen again
      G                               Am
Hands up, this is a motherfuckin robbery


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