Tyler Childers Banded Clovis Guitar Chords

Tyler Childers Banded Clovis Guitar Chords

F                           A#              F
Tina Nolan had a man with a good place for siftin’
He invited me diggin’, so I picked up my screen
 F                        A#      F
And a shovel to dig and a jar of shine
   F                    A#         F
He traded me fair for a bottle of wine
    A#         Cm7             F
His brother’s Barnes Mountain wine

F                           A#               F
We trudged through the snow straight up the hillside
Took a ridge for a while, then we slowly went down
      F        A#            F
To an overhang hid from the ridgeline
        F                       A#          F
We bent o'er our handles and we bit in the ground
    A#        Cm7    F
The dark and bloody ground

      F                             A#            F
Was a bitch to break ground but the wine kept us goin'
The moonshine was flowin' and keepin' us warm
           F                        A#          F
'Cause you can’t hold a girl with a fistful of shovel
       F                     A#          F
Got to find your fire in the company of corn

   F                       A#             F
We dug for a while then it all turned to ashes
Found a bunch of broke flint and a few bits of bone
       F                         A#           F
Then I heard Jesse yell o'er the pile he was sifting
          F                          A#          F
Shook the hills like the angels were callin’ us home
 A#     Cm7          F          F
Jesse, Zachary come home

       F                      A#          F
It was banded as hell, it was fluted and clovis
It was hot as the pistol I kept on my side
      F                         A#             F
I was fiending so fierce, I was broke ass and busted
  F                          Cm7          F     A#  Cm7  F (walk up) A#
I pulled out my pistol and I took Jesse’s life

  A#                     F
A clovis like that is a hard point to find
      F                                           Cm7
Makes pills swift to come by with a good chunk of change
     F                A#        F
Left over for burn on whatever meanness
F                 A#         F
Whatever woman is comin' my way
A#       Cm7     F
Darlin' come my way

  F                        A#      F
I sit in this cell for the banded clovis
I stole off of Nolan when I killed'm that day
  F                       A#             F
I reckon the chase of the pills and the powder
     F                        Cm7         F      A#  Cm7  F
Corn liquor and woman are the culprits to blame


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