Black Hell chords Guitar The Abigails

Black Hell chords (G)uitar The Abigails

(Dmin)   (Dmin)7  x8

   (Dmin)     (Dmin)7    (Dmin)      (Dmin)7
I wish I was a whirling dervish
   (Dmin)      (Dmin)7       (Dmin)         (Dmin)7
Shooting starts and cold white walls
 (F)       (F)6       (F)    (F)6
Well, I want you to remember
 (F)        (F)6    (F)       (F)6
Jail's a hefty collect call
 (Dmin)       (Dmin)7   (Dmin)      (Dmin)7
Now  my friends are alcoholics
 (Dmin)          (Dmin)7       (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
Yeah that's right, and I'm one too
 (Dmin)   (Dmin)7      (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
So I sold the tumblin' dice
    (Dmin)       (Dmin)7      (Dmin)         (Dmin)7
And all our babies, they're so blue
 (F)       (F)6    (F)        (F)6
But I'm gonna send you postcards
 (F)     (F)6  (F)      (F)6
Post-apocalyptic love
  (Dmin)      (Dmin)7    (Dmin)        (Dmin)7
Wrap your arms around my trigger
(Dmin)     (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
All my ammo's been shot off

            (G)                      (F)              (G)                  (F)
That's the last, last time you'll see me flailing arms and shaking trees
            (G)                  (F)               A7
That's the last, last time I promised you I'd rid myself of thee
                A7          (Dmin)     (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
Ah, there's no comfort in black hell

(Dmin)     (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7

 (Dmin)       (Dmin)7      (Dmin)     (Dmin)7
Well, I'm running like a rooster
 (Dmin)     (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
(G)ot my head between my knees
 (F)        (F)6       (F)      (F)6
Seems my cock has got cut off
  (F)       (F)6     (F)        (F)6
The many men, they're chasing me
 (Dmin)     (Dmin)7      (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
Read a book, or burn the bible
 (Dmin)        (Dmin)7    (Dmin)         (Dmin)7
Tell your father he's your slave
 (Dmin)         (Dmin)7         (Dmin)      (Dmin)7
Watch your best friend laid to rest,
     (Dmin)      (Dmin)7      (Dmin)   (Dmin)7
and toss a flower on his grave
 (F)       (F)6        (F)       (F)6
Kiss my girlfriend in the morning,
(F)      (F)6     (F)         (F)6
and again at half past noon
     (Dmin)     (Dmin)7         (Dmin)      (Dmin)7
I'm so insecure, it's frightening
 (Dmin)       (Dmin)7        (Dmin)      (Dmin)7
But I promise you, that's through

         (G)                     (F)
I'm the rat, and you're the cheese
            (G)                 (F)
There's no trap that set me free
            (G)             (F)
'Cause I've always gotta have ya, but you..
Don't always need me
      A7                    (Dmin)     (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
Ah, there's no comfort in black hell

(Dmin)     (Dmin)7 x4

      (Dmin)        (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
Ah, there's no comfort
     (Dmin)      (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
No, not in black hell
     (Dmin)      (Dmin)7     (Dmin)       (Dmin)7
No, not in black hell

             (G)                   (F)
Ah, there's nothing that you'll want
         (G)              (F)
There's nothing that should be
         (G)                      (F)
There's nothing, except you're sorry,
and the mental misery
      A7                    (Dmin)     (Dmin)7     (Dmin)
Ah, there's no comfort in black hell
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