Born Again chords Guitar Cory Asbury ver 2

Born Again chords Guitar (C)ory Asbury

[Verse 1]
Take me by the hand and
(C)                     (F)/A
Walk with me by quiet streams
I need to hear the wind and
(C)                       (F)/A
(F)eel the ground beneath my feet

(Dmin)                       (C)
‘(C)ause You’re the only friend
Who can set my soul at ease

(Bbmaj)                     (F)sus         (F)
In the quiet pride of my (F)ather’s eyes
  (Bbmaj)/D         (F)/(C)
I remember who I am
When I feel the warmth
(F)sus    (F)
Of my (F)ather’s smile
          (Bbmaj)/D           (F)/(C)
(F)eels like I’ve been born again
I’ve been born again

(Bbmaj)   (F)/A   (Bbmaj)   (F)/A
((F)#/(C)# to bridge)

[Verse 2]
Realign my heart and
(C)                         (F)/A
Help me keep the first things first
Let me hear Your whisper and
(C)                  (F)/A
God, I hang on every word

I've been born again
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

(Bbmaj)   (F)   (Bbmaj)/D   (C)
1 year ago

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