City Kids by Pink Fairies Guitar Chords

City Kids by Pink Fairies Guitar Chords

D     A#     C         (x4)

Nobody knows,
     C       G            D         A#             C
Does nobody care what goes on in here?
Behind this door,
C           G            D          A#             C
Nobody gets in unless I'm really sure,

Don't creep up behind me,
G                 A          D
You know where to find me I'm always around,
G                                    A       D      A#           A
Check out if you need us, before you lead us astray

Don't care who we meet,
      C              G                 D              A#     C
We're orphans all on Ashburn Street, we feel real neat,
Cruising on speed,
C                         G             D               A#    C
We've got more than we'll ever need, aww ain't life sweet?

We won't turn your pay down,
G             A                   D
Thirty second lay down, is no cause for change,
Bit of this, some more of that,
G                A              D     A#  A  A
You won’t see me tip my cap for you,    oh no


Aww, bombs go off at night,
C             G                         D           A#     C
Searing heat, blinding light, we like it fine,
Park the car and run,
C                G                   D            A#   C
Then stand back, watch the fun, we're angry

Why do we do it,
G              A            D
No-one can get through it we know that its wrong,
You hear what we're saying,
G                 A
Its time you were praying cause,
D               A#       A
City Kids time, won't be long,
A#        A
Won't be long,
A#     C               D
No it won't be long!
1 year ago

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