Darcy Farrow chords By John Denver Guitar Chords

Darcy Farrow chords By John Denver Guitar Chords

                 C                         F             C
1. Where the wal-ker runs down thru the    Carson Valley Plain
2.           Her voice was as sweet as the sugar     can-dy
4.       But her pony did stumble      and she did       fall

                         Cmaj7        D7                  G G9 G
1.         there lived a maiden Darcy Farrow was her name.
2.      Her touch was as soft as a    bed of goose down
4. her dying touched the hearts of    us one and all

         C                               F          C
1.   The daughter of Old Dundee and fair one was   she
2.   her eyes shone bright like the      pretty    lights
4. Young Vandy in his pain put a bullet  thru his  brain

        F   G       C        F    C       G        C
1.  the sweetest flower    that bloomed over the range.
2. that shine in the night out  of Yerrington    town.
4. we buried them togeher as the snow   began to fall.

   C   C/A#                   F     D        C
3. She  was courted   by     young Vandamere
5. They sing of Darcy Farrow where the Truckee runs thru

                        Cmaj7 D7            G G9 G
3.       a fine lad was he as I am to hear.
5. they sing of her beauty in Virginia City, too.

      C      C/A#                       F    D     C
3. He gave her silver rings and        la-  cy    things
5. At dusky       sun-down to her name they drink a round

       F    G       C  F         C      G        C
3. she promised to wed before the snows came that year
5. and to young    Van-dy whose love   was
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