Eclipse chords By John Denver Guitar Chords

Eclipse chords By John Denver Guitar Chords

<[email protected]>                 D                 A
The sun is slowly fadin' in the western sky
                      D        A
Sometimes it takes forever the day to end
Sometimes it takes a lifetime
    D                                A
Sometimes I think I'll never see the sun again

Verse 2:
There's a heavy smog between me and the mountains
It's enough to make a grown man sit and cry
It's enough to make you wonder
It's enough to make the world roll up and die

  Bm                 D               E7                A
I think it's kind of interesting the way things get to be
    F#m                               A
The way the people work wtih their machines
  Bm         D         E         A
Serenity's a long time comin' to me
   Bm                         D              E
In fact, I don't believe that I know what it means</[email protected]>
3 years ago

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