Former Lee Warmer chords Guitar Chords By Alice Cooper

Former Lee Warmer chords Guitar Chords By Alice Cooper

Intro: Dm Dm /A A# G C Dm

Dm /A A#
In an upstairs room, under lock and key
G C (Dm) // Dm only in the first version
It’s my brother, Former Lee
Dm /A A#
All the mops and brooms keep him company
C F Dm
Misconceived of the family

Dm C A# A7
Former Lee Warmer pulls up the covers to hide in his wrinkled bed
Dm C A# C
No dreams go in, no dreams go out of the hole in his wrinkled head
F Dm(7) F C#
Former Lee Warmer

When I hear him play in his twised key
That’s the way he calls to me
On a silver tray, I keep the master key
In every way, he depends on me

Dm A7
Former Lee Warmer, an old smoking jacket – holes in his satin sleeves
Dm A7 Dm A7 A# Dm A7 Dm Bsus4 C# F#
Candle lit puddles, arthritic fingers, yellow stained ivory keys

Solo: F# C# G# G F# Gm A#m C C# F

In an upstairs room under lock and key
It’s my brother, Former Lee
And after all these years, I’ve never heard him speak
I wonder what he thinks of me

F E D G#
Former Lee Warmer peeks out the window
Gm F
When he feels really brave
F E D Bm
Former Lee Warmer waves at his father
A# A7 C F C#
Out in the family grave

Dm /A A#
He’s flesh and blood to me
Dm /A A#
I love him brotherly
Dm C F
But, I don’t want to be Former Lee

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