Glory To Glory by City Worship Guitar Chords

Glory To Glory by City Worship Guitar Chords

    D                                 Bm
You called me Lord, and I will bow my knees
                   G                    A
I lift my voice to sing, that You’re my King

     Bm                                   D
Come rule and reign, and set our hearts on fire
                   G                           A
Let every darkness tremble, build Your Kingdom here

And we will grow from glory to glory to glory
And we will tell the world about Your story
            G     D/F#
And we will rise again
         G         A
For Your Kingdom’s cause
And You will take us higher and higher and higher
So Jesus come and fill us with passion and power
            G   D/F#
So we can rise again
           G          A
We’re Your generation Lord

Bm          D/A
Consume me, Anoint me
G                           A
I know You’ve called me, To set the captives free
Bm                    D/A
The walls are falling, Your power releasing
G                           A
Our chains are breaking, So set our hearts ablaze
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