God Most High chords Guitar Chords By Worship Central

(G)od Most High chords (G)uitar (C)hords By Worship (C)entral

(C)   (C)   (Am)   (F)
(C)   (C)   (Am)   (F)

Verse 1
All the earth, everyone
Join the song that’s rising up
       (F)           (Am)
To our (G)od, To our King,
Lord Of all
Let this sound of our praise
Bring all honor to your name
            (F)                   (Am)
We lift our hearts, we lift our hands
To You now

(C)         (G)          (Am)     (F)
(G)od most high, here be glorified
(C)       Em             (Am)
In our lives, You are the light
              (F)                (C)
Hope for the world, (G)od most high

Verse 2
Here we stand in your grace
You have opened up the way
(F) (Am)
At the cross, love has won
We are free

The heavens and the earth will sing
         (Am)              (F)
You’re glorious, You’re glorious
Hear the anthem of our praise
(Am)      (F) 
We glorify Your name

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