Grateful Love Guitar Chords Jonas Park

Grateful Love Guitar Chords Jonas Park

[Verse 1]
D                        E
Find me here, You pull me close, so near
           Bm                      A
Calming my every fear, You don’t reject
D                       E
Kindness comes, deep undeserving love
             Bm                          A
Breaking the rules to come and rescue me here

D          E
Jesus oh my Lord
         Bm      A     D
You have won me, won my heart
C#m       E
Over and over and
D              E
I won’t hold it back
       Bm           A       D
All my love, all my love for You

[Verse 2]
D                       E
You can see right to the depths of me
           Bm                             A
You say my love is real, and call me Your own
D                     E
You reach in, mercy no man expects
            Bm                     A
Bringing me life again, lifting me up

D                    E
Grateful love is my unending song
              D F#m                    A/C#
I’ll pour out all my love here at Your feet
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