Horses And Cattle by Chris LeDoux Guitar Chords by Chris LeDoux

Horses And Cattle by Chris LeDoux Guitar Chords

D                       G
My home?s in Montana, I wear a bandana,
   D                               A
My spurs are silver, my horse is a bay.
    D                       G
And I?ve been a-roamin? all over Wyomin?,
        D                         A              D
There?s plenty of work, but there ain?t too much pay.

G                    D
Me and a few boys we signed on at Dubois,
   D                                      A
To feed through the winter and camp out a while.
       D                             G
Come a hard hittin? norther from the Montana border,
   D                       A          D
We tallied the frozen ones mile after mile.

D                                           G
Well they give you your three squares and a bunk to sleep there,
    D                               A
And just enough wages to keep you a round.
         D                        G
But with no place to spend it and nowhere to send it,
        D                       A           D
You can stay out of debt if you stay out of town.

     G                       D
It?s horses and cattle and a double rig saddle,
       D                                            A
With a stout line, a catch twine, and a good ropin? arm.
     D                               G
Wher ever there?s ranches, I?ve been takin? my chances,

D                         G
We struck out for Laramie early one Saturday,
D                                       A
Spring was a breakin? the grass turnin? green.
      D                     G
Well, I took a hand in some fast movin? brandin?,
          D                        A         D
When they offered top wages at the Bar Seven teen.

   G                D
We followed a rodeo clear up to Codeo,
D                             A
Tryin? to ride me a bronco or two.
        D                      G
Well, I busted some hosses for two or three bosses,
    D                       A      D
And lost all the wages that ever I drew.

D                                     G
Well it?s hell and high water for the Idaho border,
      D                                   A
Where I?ve got a gal if that letter don?t lie.
       D                    G
If she gives me a reason to stay through the season,
     D                         G              D
I?ll take her to Elko when the snow starts to fly.
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