In Darkness He Came by The Heavy Horses Guitar Chords

In (D)arkness He Came by The Heavy Horses (G)uitar Chords


(Bm) (G)
Out in a Mexican town is where I found Jesus
(Bm) (G)
Out of the Mexican night, in darkness he came
(D) (A) (Bm)
When the hammer clicked I heard angels
(G) Em (Bm)
Coming to take me to my grave

(G) (D) (G)
Loo-ord I’ve been a terrible man
(D) (A) (Bm)
(A)nd there ain’t much left of my soul
(D) (A) (G)
But dying in an ambush in the Mexican night
Em (Bm)
That ain’t no way for a legend to go

(Bm) (A) (G) F#

(Bm) (A) (G) F#

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