Lone Star Hotel by Guy Clark Guitar Chords by Guy Clark

Lone Star Hotel by Guy Clark Guitar Chords

    G                       C             G
The Lone Star Hotel Cafe is nothing but a dive,
    C                     G                           D
and Florence Smith showed up there Lord, every day at five
Florence was a waitress
Have I mentioned that before?
                G                D          G
Serving beer to strangers and to some she'd seen before

C                              F  Am    C
Florence used to ride a little Apaloosa mare
In the barrel race at the rodeo, she had that beehive hair
C                                     F               C
There's a picture of her on the wall, as you pay your check
F                     C            G              C
Lord, didn't she look good back in nineteen fifty six?

G     D      G            C                G
I was loving Florence and she was ignoring me
C              G                                       D
Florence had experience, it was the first time out for me
G                                  C            G
Lord, I tried to tell her, but the only words I found
              C            G          D       G
Were "Give me greasy enchiladas and a beer to wash it down"

C                                      F         Am    C
Florence quit the Lone Star Hotel, and never was seen again
And me, I quit west Texas, and I ain't been back since then
C        G      C             F    Am   C
That was years ago, Lord, too many to recall?
    F          C                 G        Am     C
But I remember Florence and them pictures on the wall

G                            C             G
So here's to you west Texas, you old rodeo queen
C               G                                    D
How I miss your beer joints and shuffle board machines
G                         C              G
Here's to you west Texas, how I miss the smell
   C           G             D        G
Of greasy enchiladas, at the old Lone Star Hotel
3 years ago

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