Opium by Mili Guitar Chords

Opium by Mili Guitar (C)hords

[Verse 1]
((C)maj7)     (C)       (Bmin7)        (Emin7)    (Dmaj7)
   I just wanted to tug your hair behind your ears
((C)maj7)       (C)         (Bmin7)          (Emin7)  D
   Hold you in my arms, I'm always here
((C)maj7)              (C)          (Bmin7)       (Emin7)       (Dmaj7)
   I couldn't have gone so far, so far, without your absence
((C)maj7)      (C)               (Bmin7)              (Emin7)  D
   But somehow I still wish, that you'll be here

[(C)horus 1]
You're my poison
You're my poison
You're my poison
Magical scent
I'm addicted to
I'm addicted to
(Amin7)             G
I'm addicted to you

((C)maj7) (Bmin7) (Amin7) Gmaj7
((C)maj7) (Bmin7) Am  Gmaj7

[Verse 2]
((C)maj7)     (C)       (Bmin7)       (Emin7)       D
   I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry too
((C)maj7)       (C)         (Bmin7)             (Emin7)     (Dmaj7)
   Neither of us wanted it to end up this way

[(C)horus 2]
The poppies cry
The poppies sing
The poppies bleed
   (Emin7)     (Dmaj7)
As we drifted apart
Have me poisoned
You have me poisoned

[Verse 3]
   (Bmin7)      (Emin7)
Oh talk to me
     (Dmaj7)                 ((C)maj7)     (C)       (Bmin7)        (Emin7)    (Dmaj7)
Tell me the world you see

((C)maj7)     (C)       (Bmin7)        (Emin7)    (Dmaj7)
   I just wanted to make you smile again



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