Rusty Green chords Guitar Chords By John Denver

Rusty (G)reen chords (G)uitar (C)hords By John Denver

(G) (C) (F) (G) (F) (C) (G)
Rusty green summer’s almost dawn
(C) (F) (G) (F) (C) (G)
I see winds clouding up the sun
(F) (G) (C)
and I can’t find my way
(F) (G) (C) (F) (C) (G)
everything’s gray

(C) (F) (G) (F) (C) (G)
rusty green eyes on my mind
(C) (F) (G) (F) (C) (G)
memories someplace out of time
(F) (G) (C)
all the things we would do
(F) (G) (C)
I still love you

(F) (G) (C)
It’s a sad song to sing
(F) (G) (C)
painted rusty green
(F) (C) (G)
of green fading picture of spring

3 years ago

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