Simulation by Loaded Gravy Guitar Chords

Simulation by Loaded Gravy Guitar Chords

[Verse 1]
(Bmaj)                       (Emaj)        (Bmaj)
I think that this might be a simulation
(Bmaj)               (Emaj)           (Bmaj)
(A) vision in somebody else's mind
(Bmaj)                      (Emaj)               (Bmaj)
With all these zombies walkin' round beside me
(Bmaj)                  (Emaj)                   (Bmaj)
how else can we explain these god damn times

(Bmaj) (A) (A) (Bmaj)
(Bmaj) (A) (A) (Bmaj)
(Bmaj) (A) (A) (Bmaj)
(Bmaj) (A) (A) F# F#

[Verse 2]
(Bmaj)                     (Emaj)              (Bmaj)
Their eyes are glazed over and now glowing
(Bmaj)                  (Emaj)           (Bmaj)
Their hands have become deformities
(Bmaj)                     (Emaj)          (Bmaj)
I don't konw how they get up and walk around
(Bmaj)                (Emaj)               (Bmaj)
Considering they never use their feet

[Verse 3]
(Bmaj)                     (Emaj)              (Bmaj)
I can't believe that people are this stupid
(Bmaj)                 (Emaj)               (Bmaj)
to believe the deceptions and the lies
(Bmaj)                 (Emaj)         (Bmaj)
Of Charlatans and Snake Oil Salesmen
(Bmaj)                    (Emaj)               (Bmaj)
(Bmaj)ut it's playing out right before my eyes

[Verse 4]
(Bmaj)                (Emaj)                  (Bmaj)
I know you don't like the words i'm using
(Bmaj)       (Emaj)             (Bmaj)
I don't like your attitude
(Bmaj)               (Emaj)         (Bmaj)
I guess we will have to accept
(Bmaj)                (Emaj)       (Bmaj)
that everyone is fucking rude


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