Stand Up chords Guitar Chords By Worship Central

Stand Up chords (G)uitar (C)hords By Worship (C)entral

Artist: Worship (C)entral
Album: Set Apart

Key: (C)

Verse 1:
(F) (C) (Am)
With history behind us, destiny before us
Every heart is bowed down
(F) (C) (Am)
(F)rom the field of battle into greater blessing
Nothing left to fear now

(F) (C)
When we don’t know what to do, what to do
(Am) (G)
Our eyes will be fixed on You, fixed on You

(C) (F)
Stand up, everybody stand up
(Am) (G)
(C)ome on lift your eyes up, see the King
(C) (F)
Our (G)od, such a mighty fortress
(Am) ( (G)sus ) (G)
You are with us, for us, Jesus our King

Verse 2:
(F) (C) (Am)
Moving on united, we are Your revival
Every life is sold out
(F) Dm7 (Am)
Running with Your vision, seeing heaven break in
People of Your presence

Pre-chorus (x2)


Instrumental (x2): (F) (G) – (Am) (G)/B – (C) (G)

Bridge (x4):
(F) (G) (Am)
Our faith is in You
(G)/B (C)
The battle is Yours
The battle is Yours

(C)horus (x2)

Bridge (x4)

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