Under Your Spell by Bob Dylan Guitar Chords

Under Your Spell by Bob Dylan Guitar Chords

G                         Daug
 Somethin’ about you that I can’t shake
      Em                        Csus4       C
Don’t know how much more of this I can take, baby
Cm              |  G  |  D  |
  I’m under your spell

      G                             Daug
I was knocked out and loaded in the naked night
        Em                    Csus4               C
When my last dream exploded, I noticed your light, baby
Cm                      |  G  |  %  |
Oh what a story I could tell

| G   Daug | G     D | C     Cm/D | G |

G                               Daug
 It’s been nice seeing you, you read me like a book
       Em                    Csus4                   C
If you ever want to reach me, you know where to look, baby
Cm                   |  G  |  %  |
I’ll be at the same hotel

G                             Daug
 I’d like to help you but I’m in a bit of a jam
     Em                          Csus4              C
I’ll call you tomorrow if there’s phones where I am, baby
Cm                       |  G  |  D  |
Caught between heaven and hell

G                   Daug
But I will be back, I will survive
       Em                    Csus4                 C
You’ll never get rid of me as long as you’re alive, baby
Cm         |  G  |  %  |
  Can’t you tell

| G   Daug | G     D | C     Cm | G |

          G                          Daug
Well it’s four in the morning by the sound of the birds
    Em                          Csus4               C
I’m starin’ at your picture, I’m hearin’ your words, baby
Cm                           |  G  |  %  |
  They ring in my head like a bell

[Middle 8]
C                        C
 Everywhere you go it’s enough to break hearts
G                         G
 Someone always gets hurt, a fire always starts
C                                     C
 You were too hot to handle, you were breaking every vow
  F6/A#                       D
I trusted you baby, you can trust me now

G               Daug
 Turn back baby, wipe your eye
Em                               Csus4               C
 Don’t think I’m leaving here without a kiss goodbye, baby
Cm                       |  G  |  D  |
Is there anything left to tell?

G                            Daug
 I’ll see you later when I’m not so out of my head
Em                           Csus4               C
 Maybe next time I’ll let the dead bury the dead, baby
Cm              |  G  |  %  |
 What more can I tell?

| G   Daug | G     D | C     Cm | G |

         G                  Daug
Well the desert is hot, the mountain is cursed
Em                Csus4          C
 Pray that I don’t die of thirst, baby
Cm                 G
 Two feet from the well
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