Honest Guitar Chords Bazzi

Honest Guitar Chords Bazzi


If we have just been honest

[Vesre 1]
(G)Gonna turn my read receipts on
Just to let you know I won’t respond
(Bm)Darling ask me to do this
But I’m not looking for (C)excuses
And have (D)deleted all your info
Cause I heard about the (G)info
Always know that you get (Bm)ruthless
But I never thought that you could do this

(G)When I fucked up all of these again, I gave y’all the intro
(D)That was my dude, why you (G)gotta pick him though?
I was (Em)selfish in the way that I (Am)acted
(Bm)I keep doing (Em)things just to get your (C)reaction

(Em)Ya, (G)I wonder if he still hit you now, fucking you like I used to
I know you (C)think about all the (G)things that we did when he’s (Em)with you
And do you feel no (G)shame?
Does it make you feel the same?
(C)But we have got what we wanted
Oh, if we have just been (Em)honest
(G)Why can’t we just be (Bm)honest
If we have just been (C)honest

1 year ago

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