Lust Guitar Chords Lil Skies

Lust Guitar Chords Lil Skies


(B7)Get in my way and (A)try to block me, I’ma show (Bm)aggression
Slide on your block like Danny (A)Glover with a lethal (Bm)weapon
(Bm)I fucked your thot, (F#m)she gave me top, I guess that’s my confession
(Bm)Got no regrets, (A)I made mistakes, but I learned from my lessons
(Bm)Trappin’ by the stu, (A)villains pull up to the coupe
(Bm)My car ain’t got no roof, (A)thought this shit was bulletproof
(A)I can’t feel my face, smokin’ on Gorilla Glue
Zoomin’ in the coupe, that’s the shit I like to do
(Bm)These is yellow diamonds,(A) shinin’ like I’m Pikachu
(Bm)I’m a boss nigga,(A) get that bag and make the moves
(Bm)No, I don’t like to (F#m)lose, so I be goin’ in, yeah
(Bm)I’m tryna cop a Benz,(F#m) yeah, pull up and drop like ten, yeah
(Bm)You tryna chase the life (what?), (A)well I’m tryna chase the bands, yeah
(Bm)She wanna fuck with friends, yeah, (A)I got ’em in the trance, yeah

(A)Ay, but now they tell me I switched up
(Bm)Take this (A)Backwood to the face, then grab my cup
(Bm)Shorty says she comin’ (A)through, she on her way to fuck
(Bm)It’s a lot of lust, (A)not a lot of love
(F#m)Ay, I stack it up, can’t get(Bm) enough
Seen your (A)shorty with you, she look at me and she blushed
(Bm)I’m a (A)jiggy nigga, I don’t take her out for lunch
(Bm)It’s a lot of (A)lust, not a lot of (Bm)love
(F#m)Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
(Bm)It’s a lot of(F#m)lust, not a lot of(Bm) love
(A)Ay, bitch, not a lot of love
(Bm)It’s a lot of (F#m)lust, (E)not a lot of (Bm)love

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