Dark Light Guitar Chords Florist

Dark Light Guitar Chords Florist

(Bmin)  (A) x2


(Bmin)                   (A)                  (D)                            (G)
I can't feel my right side ear but I'll probably still not listen to jazz
(Bmin)                  (A)                (D)                        (G)
I can't feel my left side hand god I hope it comes back to me again

(G)                          (F#min)
But all this means is I'll get back what I lost
When I wanted to die
Eight months before
Or a year or two ago
F#                          (G)
Sitting in my room with the light beams shining through
       F#                     (G)
And an able bodied soul but a mind that didn't know
That light beam was gold
3 years ago

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