Wish You Would Guitar Chords Marian Hill

Wish You Would Guitar Chords Marian Hill


[Verse 1]
(E)I thought about it
And we’re both so young
I really doubt ya
Already found the one
(F)I know she’s there for you
(Am)And you’re doing your (E)best
(F)But to tell the truth
(Am)I can see you’ve been (E)stressed

[Pre-Chorus 1]
(F)But does she get it?
(E)Are you understood?
(Am)And are you (F)ready
To be there for(E) good?
(F)I don’t mean to pry
I’m just thinking of you
And I’m sure she’s fine
And you’ll do what you’ll(E) do

[Chorus 1]
(F)Know you got someone (C)else
I wish you (E)could
See me watching your (D)belt
I wish you (Am)would
(C)Call me up on the phone
I wish you (E)could
Take me back to your (Am)room
I wish you (F)would, I wish you could
I wish you would, I wish you could

6 months ago

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